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Mission Statement

Heal the world through self-destruction

Here at Unstoppable Entrepreneur Agency, we believe in great work. We believe in healing each and every single being that comes in contact with us to show them exactly how traffic generation, funnel building and list building really works. After countless satisfied customers and deep appreciation for what we do, we decided to leverage thoughts and ideas by giving away a 20-Minute Kick-Ass Strategy Session to make sure we build artists of life, who can go on and build some of the most lucrative funnels in the marketplace.

Unstoppable Entrepeneur Agency is people. People actually winning.

Below, you have the 3 components that will allow you to master the art of traffic generation, not to mention the immense value that you will gain in the strategy session that you can claim above.

Congruency is GOLD. How is it that my conversions are well over 50, 60, 70, 80, 90% and above? Congruency is the mechanism to which you always must set an intention behind every ad you create. Why are you doing what you do? Set a crystal clear vision behind your craft (business) and once you have that vision, stick to it in all your ads. Repetition will allow your audience to believe in what you do. The more you change the vision behind your ads, the more confusion you create.

Traffic generation is probably the easiest thing EVER. One of the main reason why most people are not getting the results that they want is simply because of the amount of garbage and overflow of information that people get on a day to day basis. Keep things simple. Let’s talk more in perspective of marketing. Your ad must always be congruent to the landing page. Image ad, headline, text and call-to-action (CTA) must be congruent to the landing page. If one of those components are missing, conversion decreases.

I believe in perfectionism. I want the best in you. I do not accept you getting 15-20% conversions on your landing page. I want people to show up to your landing and sense your vision before even going to your offer. That’s how I build you.. to become GREAT!

Again, always make sure you're congruent with your ad and landing page if you truly want to outcompete everyone.

Congruency by Calvin Aman


Target Audience by Calvin Aman

Target Audience

What makes a perfect audience? Well first, you need to know what are you promoting and to whom your product is best fitted. The more targeted you get, the higher your Click-Through-Rate (CTR), thus Facebook rewards you with a lower Cost-Per-Click (CPC), resulting in you saving more money. Most people out there are buying solo ads, or placing banners here and there without having the faintest idea who the real audience is, which is one of the main reason why I built the agency. My core desire is to heal this industry; to make sure each and every single being avoid burning their money, instead learn this business because once you learn traffic generation, funnel building and list building, you will write your own pay-check.

I can promise you that.

Always make sure you are targeting the right audience. In the FREE Strategy Session, you will know exactly what I am talking about.

This is my favourite one. Selling traffic is like selling water at the desert. Think about it…. You got it. It’s in high demand, therefore any insider of this industry can make money off the ignorant by re-selling traffic and earn a quick buck, which is unethical and unfortunate to see. So what I was saying is that most of the traffic that people buy come from some third world countries, like Indonesia, China, India, Nigeria, etc.. and as much as those countries want to join your business, they simply cannot afford to join or buy your product. Their currency rate is too low for the western product pricing. Let’s say you live in the United States and want to promote an English based product priced at $97, then you want to make sure you target the TOP 6 countries. (United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, New-Zealand & Ireland) These are countries with high currency rate and stable economic and social status.

Inside Unstoppable Entrepeneur Agency, you get Tier 1 (TOP 6) traffic simply because we want you to get results. We want you to get responsiveness in your emails. We believe in knowledge, because knowledge is power once applied just like you will embody in the 20-Minute Strategy Session.

Location by Calvin Aman


I want to thank you for believing no just in Unstoppable Entrepreneur Agency but in yourself that you can build a very successful business when paired with the right environment who can get you there.